C-Tower is the most powerful end-to-end visibility and analytical tool ever created for the transport industry. It gives you control over the key aspects of your business as well as the critical information needed to make better and faster decisions.

The power of C-Tower will not only improve the performance of your business, it will allow you to offer your customers a level of service and visibility that is the best in the industry.


C-Tower includes a lead-time driven alert system so you can keep up to date on the status of all your shipments. An alert is automatically triggered when an incident occurs that impacts a shipment or if the route map no longer matches the lead time.

When an incident or an exception occurs, the C-Tower will:

  • Alert you immediately
  • Show you what happened and why
  • Reveal what the impact will be
  • Identify who or what is affected
  • Indicate what the downstream impacts will be
  • Allow you to be proactive and take action straight away

C-Tower takes data and turns it into the reports you need to fully understand your business and supply chain. Use performance reports for your internal service quality assessment or to measure the performance of the carriers you use.

C-Tower makes it easy for forwarders and LSPs to understand their:

  • Total landed costs
  • Spend per product or by trade lane
  • Spend with different carriers
  • Demurrage and detention cost
  • Supply chain performance

C-Tower’s e-Dox functions are a better way to manage, access and use documentation. C-Tower lets you, your customer or other relevant parties attach electronic documents such as packing lists, airway bills and ocean bills of lading to their shipments.

C-Tower – features for forwarders and LSPs include:

  • Customer Interface
    • Dashboard
    • Portal/Transport Management System (TMS) for customers
    • Dashboard
    • Global visibility
    • Reporting and Analyzing global supply chain
    • Exception management, Global inventory visibility
    • Tracking
    • Total landed costs
    • eDox
  • Alert system
    • Non-performance (route map vs. reality)
    • Exception Management (all shipments)
    • Volume drop or change
  • Performance reports (on time performance)
  • Lane watch
    • Trade lane performance
    • Volume
    • Customers/Shippers
    • Profitability
  • Carrier Utilization
    • Volume Incentive calculations
    • MQC monitoring

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