What makes C-Suite different?

Centrolene’s C-Suite elevates your business from a local company to a global player. It is the world’s first integrated, comprehensive and industry-specific technology solution for freight forwarders.

C-Suite solves the problem of trying to integrate multiple pieces of software into your business. Until the development of C-Suite, freight forwarders have relied on multiple applications by different developers in order to meet their technology needs.

Now with the C-Suite, all your needs are available in one software solution. The modules fully integrate into each other to create a seamless and comprehensive technology ecosystem. Here is the illustrated guide to C-Suite:

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Centrolene’s C-Suite is a cloud-based system using the platform and infrastructure provided Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure has industry-leading security measures and privacy policies which have been independently verified. For more information see: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/support/trust-center/compliance/

C-Suite consist of:


Uses today’s modern technology to make your relationships with your agents faster and simpler. You can find the right person in the right country and connect with them in real-time. It makes doing business on the Centrolene Network fun and efficient.

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Module that gives your company a customer-facing solution that makes you technologically superior to any multinational freight forwarder. With C-Tower you will win more business because you can offer the best service. Your customers will access C-Tower’s end-to-end visibility and analytics through your website.

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Module that gives you a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed specifically for our industry’s needs. Manage all your customers, partners and leads in one place, so you can pursue new leads and close more deals.

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With this pricing tool, the manual work of seeking and analyzing prices is replaced by a streamlined and efficient system that gets you the prices you need quickly – and sometimes even instantly.

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Connects your existing data in your current system with C-Tower and C-Quest. That way you can quickly plug-in and power-up your business with C-Suite.

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A better way to manage all your contracts, rates and agreements with carriers. This includes rates and space allocation agreements as well as self-designed products such as consolidation services.

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