Your Benefits, Our Network

Centrolene Network gives you the tools to win more business. In partnership with other members, and working through our shared technology platform you will have the strength to compete with the world’s largest freight forwarders.

Centrolene Network reinvents the freight-forwarder network and brings it up to date.

We offer a global membership base of companies with a proven track record and a desire for growth and success. Our members share a belief that technology is the key to beating the competition.

Our Technology

No other network today can match Centrolene’s C-Suite technology. It is the first fully integrated solution for the logistics industry and a platform for members to do business with each other and their customers.

With Centrolene’s technology you will have the power to take on the multinational freight forwarders by offering better visibility, reliability, service and performance.

Each module has been designed by industry professionals to meet the specific needs of freight forwarders. The C-Suite is fully integrated so each module works seamlessly with the others. And transferring data between your existing operational system and the C-Suite is made easy and affordable.

All members of Centrolene Network receive complimentary access to C-Link and its communication tools that link you to other members. And as a member you are entitled to preferential rates on the full range of C-Suite solutions. Select the ones you need now and add additional functions as your business grows.


Centrolene Network members will be able to enjoy the financial protection of the network’s own Financial Protection Program.

Centrolene’s Financial Protection Program (C-Guard) gives you peace of mind, security, and confidence when doing business with another member.

C-Guard exists to provide compensation for funds lost due to the non-payment of invoices for the handling of transactions between participants of the C-Guard scheme. C-Guard is not cargo insurance or any other kind of related insurance and is not meant to replace such instruments.

C-Guard is in place with the three aims of protecting members’ companies from bad debts caused by dealing with disingenuous partners, protecting third-party member companies from poor and irresponsible business practices of their partners, and protecting the Member Network from liability related to member-to-member transactions.

Full terms and conditions of Centrolene’s Financial Protection Program (C-Guard) will be shared with Centrolene’s Members as upon request.

Centrolene AGM 2020-4
Centrolene Network AGM

While we believe in technology, we also know there is no substitute for personal relationships. That’s why Centrolene Network invites its members to come together at AGM each year.

These events are all about extending your personal network, deepening your relationships with your partners and securing new business opportunities for your business.

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