Freight Forwarder Network Platform [New Products]


September 17, 2015
MH&L (Custom)


Centrolene’s C-Suite is a fully integrated, comprehensive and industry-specific technology solution for freight forwarders. The C-Suite includes:

C-Tower—an end-to-end visibility and analytical tool ever created for the transport industry. The C-Tower is a customer-facing solution that allows forwarders to offer their customers a level of service and visibility that is the best in the industry.

allows the forwarder’s customers to access the alerts, analytics and reports they need to manage their supply chains.

C-Link—a communication platform for managing relationships with agents and other Centrolene Network members.

C-Quest—a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed specifically for the industry’s needs.

C-Quote—a pricing tool that streamlines and automates the work of seeking and analyzing prices.

C-Bridge—connects existing data from a company’s legacy system with C-Tower and C-Quest.

C-Contract—a way to manage contracts, rates and agreements with carriers.

Centrolene’s C-Suite is a cloud-based system using the platform and infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure.