The Customer Portal transforms your business to become 21st century freight forwarder.

As shippers press on with their demand for speed, transparency and efficiency, the freight forwarding industry strives hard to find a quick enough and appropriate response. The solution to this equation lies before our eyes: TECHNOLOGY!

The Customer Portal™ powered by Centrolene Solutions, is an online freight solution that enables you to provide digital services to your customers.

The Customer Portal™ is creating a revolution in the international freight forwarding industry. Creating a 24X7 self-service logistics solution for your customers.

The shift in consumer buying behaviour and with the increase of millennials entering the work-force, your customers want the efficiency and convenience of self-service 24X7, no time difference, no down time.

Your customers send rate requests with the expectation of receiving numerous instant quotations for comparison. With just a click on the selected quotation to make their booking online.

With the same login, your customers can track their shipment online and analyse the matrix reports generated from the system.


The benefits of The Customer Freight Portal include:

  • A private, secure white label solution embedded in your website. Enables you and your customers to log on to enter rate requests, instant quotations, booking confirmations, invoices, product, order information, calendars, chat functionality, contacts, etc.;
  • Collaboration with your overseas partners, allowing access for them to input their rates directly to The Customer Portal – cutting down your cost and administration time;
  • Standardised quotation format with your corporate identity, rates validity, standard terms & conditions, etc.;
  • View all orders with a comprehensive, easy to use dashboard, customized to individual employee requirements;
  • Track global orders and shipments end-to-end;
  • Implement management controls and reporting for updates and notifications;
  • Establish key performance indicators for your operations;
  • Access and monitor volume, financial and performance reports on suppliers and trade lane;
  • Analyze channels and spend to optimize time and cost performance;
  • Use insights to foresee potential time and cost implications and make alternative decisions in  real time to improve operational efficiencies;
  • Drive traffic towards your website, thus getting more views, resulting in higher ranking in different search engines.

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