Forwarders and shippers reluctant to embrace digital supply chain solutions risk losing money and customers



CEO of believes many air, ocean and road transport providers are needlessly fearful of online marketplaces designed to enhance their businesses, not disrupt them

11, July 2017 [SINGAPORE, USA, EUROPE] – Forwarders and shippers unwilling to implement digital solutions will increasingly be left behind by rivals able to generate cost savings and service improvements through new technologies, according to Alex Ruf, a 25-year logistics veteran and CEO of logistics marketplace, one of the world’s largest freight rate search platforms.

“It’s not about choosing whether or not to adopt new technology and working practices,” he said. “It is about when you do so – change is inevitable.”

Mr Ruf insisted all supply chain stakeholders – whether procuring or providing air, land or ocean forwarding services – could now reduce costs and improve supply chain transparency by deploying new technological solutions.

“And, of course, customers also want lower quotes and improved transparency so it’s win-win,” he added.

“Whether now or in the near future, failing to embrace digitisation and the automation of supply chains and freight bookings will have an impact on profits and customer relations.”

Mr Ruf also claimed it was wrong to frame the discussion about new technologies entering the logistics space as a battle between incumbents and disruptors.

“New technology does not have to be negatively disruptive to the traditional ways that forwarders and shippers conduct business,” he said. “Certainly, is designed to enhance the businesses of our users, not detract from them. The feedback we get from forwarders and shippers is very positive.” was soft launched in October last year and already has some 6,000 registered shipper and forwarder users making it one of the world’s largest freight rate search marketplaces. The system provides a fast and easy way to request and compare freight rates for global FCL, LCL, Air and Road shipments online, with comparisons possible based on price and transit time. offers easy-to-use tariff management and rate upload functions as well as analytical tools which enable strategic planning across variables including reply times, hit ratios and most requested lanes. Online bookings can be made by forwarders, shippers or agents with just a few clicks.
“ brings the freight forwarding and logistics industry into the digital age,” said Mr Ruf. “It’s already one of the world’s largest freight rate searching platforms and we are attracting more users every week.

“Forwarders like it because they can upload their rates. Counter-parties like it because they can get an immediate response.

“As well as shippers using it to procure rate and routing options by all modes, freight forwarders are also reaching out to other forwarders. And also helps forwarders who do not have partners or agents in specific countries to find them.”

Using, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connections can be established to share booking details and/or shipping instructions with other users. Chat functionality has been built in to allow information and communication at the request/shipment stage. Once a booking is made, provides a tailored control tower to ensure end-to-end supply chain visibility.

“An information revolution is taking place and companies are demanding greater visibility, more sophisticated analytics and the ability to make better and faster decisions,” said Mr Ruf. “ facilitates this. It is open 24/7. It enables searches, comparisons and bookings to be made in just a few clicks by forwarders and shippers. And it vastly reduces the time and resources required to effectively manage supply chains for both buyers and sellers of air, ocean and land freight services.”

    Logistics marketplace is powered by parent company Centrolene Solutions (Centrolene), the leading provider of technological innovations to the logistics and supply chain management industries. Centrolene offers a best in class suite of products for shippers, SMEs and MNCs that want and need more from their technology. Centrolene is also the owner, developer and marketer of the C-Suite – the world’s first fully integrated software solution for logistics and SCM companies.

    About Alex Ruf – Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Alex Ruf has been an entrepreneur and career professional in the international logistics industry for nearly 25 years and has a proven record of success in the start-up and leadership of privately–owned, mid-market companies.

    As Co-founder and CEO of Centrolene Solutions (Centrolene), the parent company of, Alex is responsible for executive leadership, the direction of all functional divisions and the articulation and course of the company’s strategic vision and priorities.

    Alex established Centrolene to dedicate his time to technological innovation in the logistics and supply chain management (SCM) industries. Centrolene represents a culmination of his collective career experience which started in logistics operations and later gravitated towards using technology as an enabling tool of productivity gains and competitive advantage.

    Alex began his career in Sales for large multinational Freight Forwarding and Transportation companies. In 1994 his entrepreneurial spirit led to the formation of Merlin Holdings which he expanded to nine offices in Germany and Austria employing 200 people and generating more than 100 million Euros in turnover. In 2003 he formed a Joint Venture between Merlin’s Freight Forwarding division and BDP International. He went on to lead BDP’s Germany operations and was later promoted to the position of Global Chief Transportation Officer.

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Launch of the world’s first technology focused forwarder network



Members plug-in and power-up their businesses with the industry’s best software

16, September 2015 [SINGAPORE, USA, EUROPE] – With the launch of the Centrolene Network, freight forwarders now have access to the two things they need to win more businesses – strong partnerships and powerful technology.

The Centrolene Network is the world’s first freight forwarder organization built around a common technology platform – the Centrolene C-Suite. The Centrolene Network uses this technology to redefine the old forwarder networking model and bring it into the digital age.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Alex Ruf said the Centrolene Network changes the way forwarders operate by giving them a complete ecosystem of technology that lets them outperform their competition.

“By deploying the C-Suite across the Centrolene Network, each member effectively transforms itself from a local player to a global one. Our members have the ability to offer a level of service and visibility that outperforms larger industry players and puts them in front of their local competition.”

“The C-Suite technology has been designed without compromise to meet the needs of freight forwarders. It is the only fully integrated solution for the logistics and supply chain management industry and has been designed by industry professionals, for industry professionals.”

“The C-Suite allows Centrolene Network members to amplify and project their strength to potential customers. It provides connectivity to other members in the network and allows them to easily perform all their global processing functions.”

“A key benefit of the C-Suite is the ease with which this new technology can be integrated into the forwarder’s business. C-Suite eliminates the problem of getting software from different companies to work together, saving the forwarder both time and money,” Mr Ruf said.


Centrolene’s C-Suite is the only fully integrated, comprehensive and industry-specific technology solution for freight forwarders.

Until the development of the C-Suite, freight forwarders have relied on multiple applications by different software developers in order to meet their technology needs. Trying to get software from multiple companies to work together is an expensive and time consuming task for forwarders. The price of the software and the integration can cost a forwarder tens of thousands of dollars.

The C-Suite solves this problem for forwarders. The C-Suite delivers all the technology requirements in one seamless ecosystem for freight forwarders.

The C-Suite includes:

  • C-Tower – the most powerful end-to-end visibility and analytical tool ever created for the transport industry. The C-Tower:
  • is a customer-facing solution that allows forwarders to offer their customers a level of service and visibility that is the best in the industry.
  • allows the forwarder’s customers to access the alerts, analytics and reports they need to manage their supply chains.
  • has a fully customizable dashboard so customers can see all the information they need every time they log into the forwarder’s website.
  • C-Link – a communication platform for managing relationships with agents and other Centrolene Network members
  • C-Quest – a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed specifically for our industry’s needs
  • C-Quote – a pricing tool that streamlines and automates the work of seeking and analyzing prices
  • C-Bridge – connects existing data from a company’s legacy system with C-Tower and C-Quest
  • C-Contract (Coming soon!) – a better way to manage contracts, rates and agreements with carriers

Centrolene’s C-Suite is a cloud-based system using the platform and infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure has industry-leading security measures and privacy policies which have been independently verified.


The Network

The Centrolene Network brings together companies with a proven track record and a desire for growth and success. Members share a belief that technology is the key to beating the competition. All applicants for membership undergo full background checks and auditing to ensure they are financially robust before being admitted as a member of our network.

Service Center

Centrolene Network has established its own service center in Cebu in the Philippines. Members can choose to have Centrolene’s service center provide back office support to help them save on the costs of documentation processing.


Centrolene Network provides training tools to help members get the most out of the C-Suite and how to sell the benefits of the technology to their customers.

The Guarantee Fund (in 2016)

Starting in 2016, Centrolene Network members will be able to enjoy the financial protection of the network’s own Guarantee Fund.

Insurance and Claim Management (in 2016)

Centrolene Network members will be able to enjoy competitive transport and forwarder insurance under the network’s umbrella policies.

Centrolene Pay (in 2016)

Centrolene Pay will let members transfer or receive money from other members for free, saving money that otherwise would be lost to bank fees and charges.


Centrolene Network is a membership based organization that brings together ambitious freight forwarders with a commitment to innovation, efficiency and growth. By deploying the C-Suite across the Centrolene Network, each member effectively transforms itself from a local player to a global one, with the ability to offer a standard of service and visibility that outperforms larger industry players.

Centrolene is a company dedicated to technological innovation in the logistics industry. Centrolene is changing the way the industry operates by developing a complete ecosystem of technology solutions that small and mid-sized companies use to outperform their multinational competition.

Centrolene Solutions is the owner, developer and marketer of the C-Suite – the world’s first fully integrated software solution for the logistics industry.

Centrolene has offices in Singapore, Germany, India and The Philippines. It will be opening an office in the United States soon.

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