International Associated Cargo Carrier (IACC)


International Associated Cargo Carrier (IACC)

IACC started its operations in 1976 in Dammam, offering road haulage services to various shipping lines operating through King Abdul Aziz sea Port of Eastern Province.

Since its inception, the company has expanded and diversified and is now widely regarded as a leading provider of container-related activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

IACC, now after 40 years of business within this industry has a great insight into logistical requirements and container yard operations of this day.

IACC with its 200,000 m² terminal just minutes from King Abdul Aziz Seaport, offers a unique combination of transport, storage, and inland container logistics solutions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where over 300,000 TEU’s are handled annually.

Type of Services:

  • Transportation
  • Yards
  • Warehouse
  • Containers

Office Location: Saudi Arabia

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