PT Yossava Trans Logistik


PT Yossava Trans Logistik

Yossava Translogistics is a freight-forwarding company that handles export and import goods from all over the world.

They manage everything from delivering door-to-door goods, customs clearance service, and domestic service on time and at a reasonable rate.

Their clients range from small to international companies, as they make sure that their services can cater to the specific needs of each business. Their company is not only a bridge, between the clients and the ports, the products, and the market but an entire ecosystem.

Yossava Translogistics hopes to create a new standard in logistics services through efficient, profitable, and personalized programs for companies that require export, import, and domestic service. The company is built on the foundation of experiences in the industry, client engagement, and well-regulated process, which will meet the requirements and requests of their clients. The logistics arena is one that is constant, alive, and thriving, and they hope to be a part of a world-changing industry.

Their operation runs with a well-regulated and efficient system, including the custom clearance division that process the goods, the license department division that takes care of all the client’s licensing needs, the sales team who ensures new clients and maintains loyal customers, operation department that handles shipment, documentation, and deliveries, and the finance department that takes care of invoice and cashflow. Yossave Translogistics aims to be your one-stop service that can provide your logistic requirements from beginning to end.

Type of Services:

  • Land Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight

Office Location: Indonesia

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