ELS Global Logistic Solutions Worldwide, SA.


ELS Global Logistic Solutions Worldwide, SA.

ELS is a privately held logistics company founded in January 2012 in the Eastern Province – Saudi Arabia.

The company has evolved very naturally into a premier provider of logistics services, warehousing & distribution solutions that specialize in providing its clients with cost-effective, high tech solutions for the most demanding supply chain challenges.

ELS utilizes multiple modes of transportation and service opportunities, ELS specializes in offering complete traffic management services, identifying and evaluating shipper needs, and designing custom shipping programs utilizing the most efficient modes of transportation.

ELS specialized in logistics services and international transport. These services offered include logistics for port purposes, chemical and related companies, transports of hanging garments, technological services, specialized services for the automotive industry and customs services and others. ELS logistics offers to its clients the whole range of tailor-made projects.

Their culture at ELS has been built by a strong, robust ‘can do it’ attitude and spirit; an attitude that they count on to solve problems, carry out their daily tasks and respond to their customers and the world outside of ELS.

Type of Services:

  • Specialized Services
  • Truckload (FTL, LTL, LCL)
  • Warehousing Solutions
  • International Freight
  • Repackaging and Labeling
  • Terminal Handling
  • 3PL Logistics
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Custom Clearance
  • Door to door

Office Location: Spain

For more information, please contact support@centrolene.com