HRFreight is a good mix of Eastern/Western attitude. We consider ourselves competitive pricewise and good on the service side. It’s certainly difficult to define “good service” without trying it out, anyway what a company can expect from us is straight answers, fast response and good follow up.

Apart of the more than a decade experience in airfreight recently we are providing reliable ground service for OBC all over China.

Type of Services:

  • Air Mode (China is a huge continent and its airports are all special in some ways. While Beijing is good for some kind of goods, Shanghai is good for others. In Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou we shop for the best deals in the South. If it’s Xiamen or Qingdao we can move goods from there directly or taking where it’s most convenient. Our domestic transportation network allows us to make this happen, arranging on-carriages by truck or air. We are sure we can strike a deal for you.)
  • Sea Mode (FCL, LCL, buyer’s consols, Sea/Air, projects are all services we provide with much care. We found that our ability to propose solutions for Customs clearances have helped many of our customers and partners. In other words, we work as your logistics consultants. One rate, a definite schedule and you are set.)
  • Paying your suppliers (You have a new supplier and you don’t trust it much to pay the 100% in advance, or you have many suppliers to pay for small amounts and you don’t want to share your hard-earned profit with banks: we can help you out. We receive your currency and pay in CNY (RMB). As a Chinese entity we are in a better position to protect your purchase and your suppliers will be happier to receive payment in their currency avoiding the hassle to go through all the bureaucracy with banks.)
  • Reselling program (Many of our partners overseas heard the stories of many Chinese forwarders having ‘very good friends in whatever airline or shipping line’ to lure agents working with them. We do have friends too. We win their friendship showing them we walk the talk and keep our promises. With some airlines we are in the position of reselling special rates to agents in China who don’t have direct access to the right deals.)

Office Location: China

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