International Cargo Express Pty Ltd

International Cargo Express

Bringing your cargo into Australia, or transporting it to anywhere in the world, is a complex matter. It’s not just due to the documents, clearances and other paperwork that need to be in order, but the multi-layered logistics needed to get your goods to where they need to be.

International Cargo Express is a complete international freight forwarding company, with a senior management team that has experience in all facets of international transportation. From ocean freight forwarding to air freight forwarding, and from arranging barrier clearance to complete logistics management, ICE has the expertise to properly manage the job.

Our first-hand experience is extensive, so whether you want to import your newest stock of European goods, require project forwarding services to Malaysia, or need your own products delivered to a trade fair in China, ICE can make it happen.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy and efficiency of our order monitoring and shipment tracking services, and have a team of international forwarding specialists that can provide unique integrated forwarding solutions for any shipping need.

What ICE Can Do For You?

We’ve being doing this for more than 25 years and in that time have perfected the full range of disciplines required to offer unrivalled freight forwarding and logistics management services.

Through the talents and knowledge of our team at International Cargo Express, we can guarantee reliability, professionalism and transparency in everything we do.

Type of Services:

  • International Air Freight Services (involving trusted international freight agents, expert co-ordination, document preparation, on-forwarding services, full cargo and order tracking.)
  • International Sea & Ocean Freight Services (involving freight consolidation services, performance reports on your orders, document preparation, on-forwarding services, full cargo and order tracking.)
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management (involving extensive inventory management, warehousing and distribution services, web-based reporting, full order cycle management.)
  • Project Shipping & Contract Management (involving both global and domestic (Australia-based) project management services, with specific teams dedicated to one project at a time.)
  • Fairs & Exhibitions (global network of agencies, with a vastly experienced ICE team, offering a complete range of integrated forwarding and logistics solutions.)
  • Customs & Quarantine Clearance (complete clearance service, documentation preparation, shipment tracking, updates and advice on customs regulations, full liaising services, electronic duties payment services.)

Office Location: Australia; New Zealand

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CNT Worldwide Transport Inc

CNT Worldwide Transport

Founded in 1991, CNT Worldwide Transport started as a fledging freight forwarding company that quickly rose above the rest by delivering the most comprehensive, innovative & personalized transport service in the country.

In the same year, CNT started a three-year #1 ranking in the internationally esteemed Journal of Commerce for being the biggest volume Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) with the biggest volume shipped to the U.S.A. Continuing its award winning ways, CNT also became one of the top ten airfreight key agents for Korean Airlines.

Delivering cargo by land, sea or air, CNT committed itself early on to provide unmatched service in the local & international transport industry; focusing on strict quality control to provide total customer satisfaction.

Type of Services:

  • International freight forwarding services
  • Air, Ocean & NVOCC export services
  • Air, Ocean & NVOCC import services
  • Less container load/full container load
  • Air & Ocean Consolidation services
  • Customs Clearance Service
  • Warehousing/Logistics Distribution Service
  • Trucking Service
  • Oversize & Heavy-lift Cargo Handling Service
  • Transportation/Marine Insurance
  • Problem Solution Management

Office Location: Philippines

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Nissin Transport (S) Pte Ltd

Nissin Transport

Nissin Corporation was founded in 1938 as a domestic in-harbor transport company in Yokohama, Japan’s main gateway to the world. It has since expanded to cater to the logistics needs of the Ports of Kobe, Osaka and Chiba. As Japan developed into a world economic power and its transportation needs became more advanced and complex, Nissin faced the rising need to improve both its systems and facilities. In 1968 it began offering comprehensive global logistics services, an entirely new category of service, and it now operates in Japan and 23 other countries.

Our name, Nissin, is derived from the Chinese literature classic “Great Learning,” combining two characters meaning ‘day’ and ‘new’ to reflect the company spirit of encouraging effort to improve daily. This spirit drives Nissin to respond to change proactively so tomorrow is always better than today as it fulfills customer needs growing increasingly global, advanced and complex.

To show its high environmental awareness Nissin has been working to obtain green business certificates from the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation for its operations and offices as it promotes groupwide effort to build a new business model that capitalizes on its strengths, specifically overseas networks and international logistics.
Through these efforts the company is building its reputation among customers as the true global logistics provider.

Type of Services:

  • Logistics Services (Expansion into the Americas; Expansion into Europe; Expansion into Russia CIS; Expansion into Asia; Expansion into China)
  • Transport (Ocean Transport; Air Transport; Land Transport; Customs Clearance)
  • Warehouse / Storage (In-plant operation; Logistics Center Operation; Logistics Processing Work; Terminals Operation
  • Moving (Domestic and Overseas Moving; Trunk Rooms; Office Relocation)
  • Logistics Solutions (Triangle Trade Transport; Nissin’s 3PL; Solutions)

Office Location: Singapore

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