Technology-based forwarder network kicks of


September 25, 2015
ITJ (Custom)


The Centrolene network is the first freight forwarder organization to be built around a common technology platform – the Centrolene C-Suite. The technology is designed to take the common forwarder networking model into the digital age.

CEO Alex Ruf said the Centrolene network changes the way forwarders operate by giving them a complete ecosystem of technology. A key benefit of the C-Suite is the ease with which this new technology can be integrated into the forwarder’s business. Forwarders no longer require multiple applications from different software developers in order to meet their technology needs, and trying to get software from multiple companies to work together is an expensive and time consuming task for forwarders.

Service Center Centrolene Network has established its own service centre in Cebu (Philippines). Moreover, Centrolene network members will be able to enjoy the financial protection of the network’s own guarantee fund.