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Join the future-ready digital freight forwarder network NOW!


The industry has EVOLVED and CHANGED.

The digital race is now well underway. Centrolene Network will allow you to have immediate access to other digital freight forwarders within the Network.

It is a clear signal that the logistics industry is moving toward digitalization.

You will see more of it coming and others are moving at full speed to be digital freight forwarders.

Understand your pressure and it is time to take the first step to move out of your comfort zone. Centrolene Network is just an email or phone call away.

By joining Centrolene Network, you will have a group of trusted peers who can support your businesses via technology. Increasing the speed to respond to your customers, transparency, and efficiency.

Contact James Miller (james@centrolene.com) for detailed discussion!

Contact us NOW! You must make the first move in order for us to assist you!

What is The Customer Portal?

The Customer Portalâ„¢ is an online freight solution that enables you to provide digital services to your customers.

By joining Centrolene Network, you will have the priority access to the world-class solution.

The Customer Portal, a live 24X7 self-service white label, Saas Solution


Customers requesting rates from your website, 24X7.


Instant quotation with diff options to customers.


Customers click on the selected option and book.


You and your Customer can track the shipment online.


Matrix reports monitoring the business.